New in FileRun 2018.02.13

Guest Users

By far the hottest change in this version is the new guest users feature. Read more about it here: guest users


FileRun was already a fast and lightweight application, but now it got to a different level.
With up to 40% lower execution time and up to 50% less memory usage, FileRun's core could run on a toaster :) We managed to squeeze a ton of logic into less than 100 KB of code that uses less than 1.5 megabytes of ram. Joke aside, it would actually run great for personal use on a Raspberry Pi Zero (a $5 single-board computer). But that is not the goal. What is important is that it's enabling tens of thousands of users to access FileRun, all at the same time, while keeping hardware costs down.
This performance increase is also a side-effect of the new core architecture, which will provide better reliability for the file management operations and allow us faster development of error-free functionality.
For the every day user, the performance improvements will be most noticeable when browsing folders with lots of images, uploading large folders with thousands of files, performing actions via WebDAV or syncing lots of files using the desktop sync apps.

Internal sharing system

This feature is now available also in the free FileRun version: It allows FileRun users to share files and folders directly with each other, not only through web links. It is also used to provide users with access to more than just their home folders.

Lots of improvements and fixes

More than 300 changes . Check the change log out, it's quite a read.


Please follow this guide to update your FileRun installation.