Guest users: Easy sharing

Until now files were being shared either by using direct links or by creating FileRun user accounts for people to sign in for access.
We took the best of each of these two features and combined them into a third option: guest users.

The simplicity of sharing files using web links combined with the power of a full-featured FileRun user account.

As easy as typing an e-mail address

(Click to play video)

You select a file and type an e-mail address. That's all you do!

One click access

The guest clicks a private link which FileRun automatically sent via e-mail:
No registration, no username, no password, no login.

Allows collaboration

No administration

Just remove the share and, if there is no other file shared with the user, the guest account gets automatically removed.
Not only that, but inactive guest accounts also get automatically deleted.

Upgrade guests

The admin can upgrade a guest account to a regular/permanent account, at any time, with just two clicks.

More info

For more information on how to configure this in your FileRun installation please see our documentation site.